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Children's Ceramic Classes Curriculum - 2018

Curriculum changes with each new series of classes.

  • Pinch Pots
  • Coil Pots
  • Slab Pots
  • Glazing
  • Masks
  • Slab Piece
  • Tile
  • Glazing

Kids Like Clay™ promotes ceramic art appreciation in San Diego.

We are a family team with our own kilns to fire ceramic art. We offer one hour ceramic classes that start with a lump of clay and guide students into making works of ceramic art through pinching, coils and slab working techniques. This approach fosters problem solving, hand-eye coordination and creative fun.

We offer an all inclusive solutions for kids that like clay for after school programs and private parties.

At Kids Like Clay™ exploring originality in clay art is the main focus. Our program provides the clay, glazes and the transportation of the creations from the class location to our studio for firing and back again. Ten students make a class. Pottery wheel instruction is only available at our studio location. We have years of teaching experience.

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Born in 1962 San Diego, California, Doug Kenney first worked with clay as a teenager.  Next, he took classes at San Diego Mesa College where he earned an Associate Degree in Crafts with an emphasis in Ceramics in 1983.  Afterwards, Kenney earned a Bachelor Degree in Applied Design – Ceramics from San Diego State University in 1985.  In 1987 he enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts Program at Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craft which culminated with a MFA Degree in Ceramics in 1989.  From 1989-95 Kenney taught Ceramics and Art classes at San Antonio College in Texas.  In 1995, he took a hiatus from teaching and participated in an artist in residence program at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, in Shigaraki, Japan.